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Iridology – Your Health Through Your Eyes:

Iridology: Assessing your health through the Iris of the Eye:
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How often have you seen adverts or information, or been to a show and seen various forms of complementary therapies, but really did not know in what way they would benefit you?

So have you heard of Iridology? Well, when you next gaze into someone’s eyes, and ponder at the wonderful possibilities that might unfold, look again. By looking at the iris of the eye (which is the coloured part), the constitution, inherited strengths, weaknesses and well-being of the person are being revealed to you.

The iris of the eye has thousands of nerve endings which are connected by impulses to the body tissue via the brain and the nervous system. In short the patterns, structures, colours and density of the fibres of the iris are related to tissue and organs in the body. Therefore, when there are changes in the fibres or colours, these are indications of physical weakness and strengths that could have been inherited or evolved due to lifestyle.

The Iridologist will know which they are and although we should not get too hung up on our inherited traits, they are something that we should be aware of.

So is Iridology a new concept? Well the ancient Chinese believed that the iris could be an indicator organ well-being and in Indian Ayurvedic traditions, the colour of the eye is an indication of a person’s constitution. However since the mid 18th Century there have been pioneers of Iridology both in Europe and Amercia. Joseph Deck and Dr Bernard Jensen’s comprehensive research and observations have resulted in an ‘iris chart’ which conforms generally to the anatomical placement of the body organs and structures. It is this chart which Iridologists refer to when assessing the iris of the patient.

The mere colours of either blue, bown or green, and the structure of the fibre formation, are indications of the persons constitution. We have all seen people that can party 24/7 and still manage to look bright and breezy. They get a cold and two days later they are walking up the Dunmanway Hills. Others find that at the slightest hint of a cold, they are laid out for a week and a heavy night partying will need a strategic recovery plan.

The reason for this is the constitutional type of a person which can be determined by looking at an iris. So what good is that to anyone? What is does it makes that person aware of the limits to which their body can endure physical and metal pressure and so plan ahead. By knowing the strengths and weaknesses of the other systems in their body, such as the respiratory, digestive and urinary system for example the patient is on the path to being empowered to understand their own well being, and most importantly appreciating their body for what it is.

Today modern Iridologists use digital cameras to take a photograph of the iris’s and then transpose this to a computer where they can asses the iris and talk to their patient in a relaxed manner. The patient is often guided in aspects of nutrition, lifestyle management relevant to them and herbal medicine is frequently given as part of the treatment.

So the next time you look into the mirror and look at your iris or gaze lovingly into your partners eyes, just remember what Hippocrates said:

“It’s more important to know what sort of person has a disease, than to know what sort of disease a person has”.


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