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Organic Low Gluten Pancakes

Trying to keep the level of gluten that one consumes as low as possible, can prove a little tricky. I know come four o’clock in the afternoon, I can get peckish and what’s on offer? Usually high sugar gluten based products. So being a somewhat tired of this situation I took to the kitchen and have produced these pancakes, made with organic spelt flour, an organic eggs and milk, preferably goats milk. The milk can be dairy, but if you are gluten sensitive it is advisable to have goat or almond milk or coconut milk etc. Try to avoid soya milk.

The pancakes are thin – perfectly cooked and delicious. No-one would suspect that they are so low in gluten – why not try them and have fun adding your own special fillings.

130 gms of organic white spelt flour

165ml of almond milk, coconut milk or goats milk – which ever suits you. The almond or coconut milk should be sugar free

1 large egg – free range or organic.

Sieve the flour into a mixing bowl and add the milk and egg. Beat with a hand whisk or an electric hand stick blender until all the lumps of flour are dissolved and you are left with a mixture that resembles single cream.

Heat a pancake frying pan and when hot, add a small knob of butter or a very small amount of organic sunflower oil. When the butter is foaming then a pour a small amount of the mixture into the centre of the pan. The amount of mixture you put in the pan depends on the size of the frying pan. The frying pan in the picture is 7 inch diametre. Immediately tip the pan around so the mixture covers the base of the frying pan. Don’t be afraid to add a bit more if needs be. You want a very thing covering of pancake mixture in the base of the saucepan. Leave the mixture to cook – this is usually about 1 minute

Before turning there should be no wet mixture visible.

Now turn the pancake an cook for a further minute. Serve on a heated plate.

The pancake in the picture has grated cheese and cucumber filling with relish. A small sprinkling of chili peppers gave a hot spicy edge to the pancake.

Other suggestions for the filling:-
Lemon and sugar

Cinnamon and butter

Honey with fruit berries such as blue berries or raspberries

Cooked pancetta with tomato and lettuce with a bit of relish

Blue cheese pieces with homemade coleslaw and cherry tomatoes

Cooked spicy chicken pieces, pesto and apple and cucumber

Cooked spinach with saute onions, bacon or chicken pieces cooked, sprinkled with cheese. Pop under a grill until the cheese on top is melted.

Top Tips in making pancakes:-

Make sure you have a thick based frying pan and that it is non stick. Before pouring the mixture into the frying pan ensure that the pan is hot and butter is foaming.

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