Our Mood and Microbes in our Gut

The article link below talks about how the microflora in our gut can have an effect on our daily mood.  For those struggling with depression and mood swings, ensuring that our gut health has the correct balance of microbes is vital part of the equation in achieving a happier mental outlook on life.

The health of intestinal tract also can influence so many pathways involved in modern diseases. A factor that seems to be prevalent in clients with gut, skin and general health disorders is that they have come under a intense stress for a period of time.  This ‘stress trigger’ plays a key role in the disruption of intestinal microbes balance.

Food intolerance testing and assessing gluten, casein, purine, histaminic foods etc is part of restoring the gut flora.

So have a read and see what you think  – ‘Do gut bacteria rule our minds? In an ecosystem within us, microbes elevated to sway food choices

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