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Why do I have Acne?

 By Understanding your Constitution

For those of you who are not familiar with Iridology, it is the study of the Iris of the eye (the coloured part) in assessing the constitution of a person, the potential of inflammatory pathways and our tolerances to acid/alkaline foods and much more.

With acne inflammation has already started when a comedone is visible i.e white head.  Black heads are also an indication of the beginning of an inflammatory process, not just in the skin, but within the body.  As acne sufferers you will know that acne does not stop at the comedone  or  black head stage.  It progresses.  The severity is graded from 1 – 4: four being the nodular/cystic acne.

So how does iridology  aid the acne sufferer?

Its all about inflammation and inflammatory  pathways:  most of you would have been told “it’s your hormones”.  True – but which hormones? And what has been the trigger? Is it because of insulin, DHT, DHEA ?  Is it due to stress, diet, abnormal exfoliation and so on? But who is more susceptible and to which pathway?  We are all different and when we appreciate this fact we start to understand the principal of iridology:

 A case history:-

(please note full permission has been given by the patient)Acne - assessments of inflammatory pathways

A sufferers of Acne: Acne Treatment programme

The iris shown is of a young man who has suffered with Acne since the age of thirteen.  In Iridology terms this is a Mixed iris with a glandular structure, meaning that the endocrine system- yes hormones – have a greater influence than perhaps another person with a different constitution.  Like an orchestra,  if any of the hormones are out of tune then the performance of the body suffers and inflammation can be triggered.

His iris also shows that he has a potential to intolerance’s to sugar. This is not uncommon with our modern day diet.  Sugar is an hormonal stimulant and is extremely acidic to the body at cellular level.

The other important factor that is showing in this iris is what is called a “shoe lacuna”.  The implication of this rare sign is that hydrating the body is very important and that uric acid levels should be kept in balance.  The iris also highlighted lymphatic tophi which indicates that the lymphatic systems has a propensity to be sluggish.  There where further indications, which we will not expand on in this illustration.  All these factor have an influence on the skin and how the body removes toxins.

The advice given was to understand the implications of high sugar content within food and hydrate the body.  Stress and anxiety will set off an hormonal cascade which will not only affect inflammation, but also have quite a considerable impact on the immune system and the intestinal flora.  Herbal tonics consisting of five or more herbals were prescribed,  along with  dietary advice together with lifestyle protocols.

Topical organic creams for acne relief were also recommend and a daily care regimes for looking after the skin. The herbal medicine tonic that we make here in clinic, supplements and dietary advice were tailored for a moderate severity of acne.

This young man in now studying at university.    He is fully appraised of the glyceamic index and avoids high sugar foods.  He naturally drinks 3  litres of water per day – just sipping, not gulping the water.  When times get stressful, such as when he is under pressure with exams or has heavy projects, he takes his herbal prescription as directed.  His anti-inflammatory supplements help to give him the necessary nutrition that he needs, especially since his cooking skills can be very spasmodic.

He enjoys his life and fully understands what will trigger his acne albeit that any flare is now very mild:-

Question :  Are all acne sufferers given the same advice?

No – the advice is unique as the person themselves.  This is why iridology is such a useful aid.

Question:  Is it a standard herbal tonic that is given to each acne sufferer?

No – not at all.  The prescriptions that are made are formulated specifically for each patient.  In this case, there were a number of “hormonal type” herbs, liver support herbs and herbs that help with the “cleansing of the lymphatics”.  In other patient depending on their presenting symptoms and the iridology analysis, a completely different set of herbs may be selected.

Question: Does the iris markings change  with time?

No – very little changes with the iris. So the information given to a patient during an Iridology consultation should stand the patient in good stead for the rest of their life.


Note: Information on this web site is  for informational purposes only and in no way a substitute for professional medical advice. You should not use the information on this web site for diagnosing or treating a medical or health condition. If you are pregnant and/or on medical prescription drugs or under the supervision of a health care practitioner, always seek professional medical advice before taking natural medicine ,supplements and exercise programmes.

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