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Subcutaneous Lipomas

Those of you  that have subcutaneous lipomas (SCL) or fatty lumps under the skin will already through platforms such as Google that SCL are non cancerous tumours made from fat cells.  We believe that there has been a previous trauma to the area where the SCL is, such as a blunt blow to the skin.

Despite being common, very little is know about them and why they appear and more to the point how to disperse them.

Some sources believe that there is genetic connection, but the research I have doing has not really shown  strong enough results to verify this.

Currently the clinic is  researching the connection between the following:

  1. Insulin Rate
  2. Hypothyroidism and Hashimotos
  3. Leaky gut syndrome – Lipopolysaccarides, zonulin and the link between gluten/gliadin and A1 dairy milk and A2 milk
  4. Cortisol levels
  5. Pancreatic enzymes – protease, amylase and lipase
  6. Stress and lifestyles choices

If you have subcutaneous lipomas we would love to hear from you.  The consultation include testing for the above through Kinesiology and looking at our clients through Iridology – see

The cost of the consultation is reduced to €70.00 and that includes the first set of herbal medicine – should they be necessary.

We are looking for clients who are willing to attend at least 3 times so that we can measure and assess their progress.

If you are interested please contact us on mob: 0860-773742

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